Every story has a beginning. For Brasport, this takes us back to 1946 when Albert Dubois set up his business in La Chaux-de-Fonds, designing and manufacturing watch straps and leathergoods. The company soon made itself indispensable, as its rapid expansion shows. Over successive generations, Brasport has become a holding company and developed its services in line with new requirements. Backed by its R&D division, the Group continues to build on its heritage, implements the very latest technology and is already planning the future, all the while using the same artisanal techniques it has always used, inherited from master-saddlers. A blend of precision and intuition, rigour and creativity, hand-in-hand with the most renowned watchmakers.

Brasport is at the head of multiple production sites, and each year manufactures over two million watch straps and leathergoods for every segment of the market. It is also equipped to handle after-sales service on its clients’ behalf, working directly with their subsidiaries and stores. The key, as with each of its collaborations, is a project tailor-made to meet specific needs that will promote each partner’s values.


BUSINESS AREA : Watch straps & Leather goods

HEAD OFFICE : Switzerland

FOUNDED : 1946

PRODUCTS / SERVICES : Watch straps, leather goods, R&D and after-sales service

MANUFACTURING SITES : Switzerland, Portugal, Thailand and China

AFTER-SALES OFFICES : La Chaux-de-Fonds, New York, Hong Kong and Shanghai