With Noomoon, the Group flies in the face of tradition and lets imagination take over! Workshops have morphed into labs; leather mingles with futuristic elastomers; tradition makes way for science as the Group reaches out to connected consumers. Noomoon imagines, develops, creates and designs 2.0 watch accessories and other objects, from revolutionary to downright “why-did-nobody-think-of-that-before” simplicity.

The Noomoon team are the mad scientists of watch straps. Their first stroke of genius goes by the name of LABB, short for Loopless And Buckleless Band. Or what happens when you cross building blocks with a self-gripping band?. Noomoon has transformed the watch strap and made it a thing of the future, a place where design and function melt into one. And the Swiss have plenty more tricks up their sleeve. The Noomoon reflex is catching, it’s just a matter of time.


BUSINESS AREA : Accessories brand

HEAD OFFICE : Switzerland

FOUNDED : 2016

PRODUCTS  : Innovative accessories